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Heating System


Power plant


Any type of bio degradable substances such as, food waste, poultry, fish waste, slaughter house, pig farms, vegetable waste etc we can produce an electricity.

Features of the plant:

  1. Unique and compact
  2. Less man power for operation.
  3. Less space for plant and machinery.
  4. Inbuilt power producing facility for the plant.
  5. 100 % emission and smoke free.
  6. 100% environmental friendly.
  7. Plant supply period 90 days
  8. Site erection 15 days.
  9. Highest safety and environmental standard compliance.

10. Plant can be installed in the heart of the city

11. Space required for 100 tons plant is 15 Sq mtr.

12. Plant operation will be automatic.

13. Both solid and liquid can be processed.

14. The final residue meets the environmental standard.